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This is a weekly automotive news and analysis newsletter that contains the "must read" industry developments from around the world. In addition to news you can use, Car Smart News analyzes each important development and capsulizes its assessment of the impact of that development.

This is news and analysis -- the combination of which you can't get anywhere else.



The Car Smart Industry News Weekly is a five-to-eight page summary of key industry news that features analysis of the meaning and impact of each news item.  News is widely available, but analysis is a much rarer commodity – but one in great demand in our industry – and is what sets Car-Smart apart from other sources.

The Car Smart Industry News Weekly does not accept advertising – we want to remain objective.  And it doesn’t re-hash front-page items from the publications you’ll read anyway – like those of the Automotive News family, the Wall Street Journal, or the Financial Times – your time is too valuable. 

We bring “new” news and analysis to expand your outlook on key industry developments and trends.

Car-Smart Industry News Weekly - “What’s news in the global auto industry?”

  • Bypasses the trade papers and popular press to get at real news
  • Analysis of business importance and implications
  • Accepts no advertising – no bias
  • Distributed electronically first-thing Monday morning

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