What’s Changing-How Fast? 

There is little anyone can do to stop the product, features and technology juggernaut that continues in the auto industry, but we can certainly assess developments and forecast emerging trends so that we can push it in directions that are better for our companies and our clients.

Understanding the direction of the auto industry as well as technology and features trends can give an exceptional “leg up” on competitors and help position your proposals to better meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

That’s what is all about – providing automotive industry analysis and trends in forms that you can do something useful with. Identifying potential high-interest or high-value new features and technologies are part of this as well as determining which have the best chance of making it to market in high volume.

Along with this comes better understanding of what competitors are up to, which OEMs have the greatest interest in the best new ideas, and what are the strategic and market drivers that will push automakers toward high-volume implementation. offers a solid mix of analytical products to help you energize your firm’s lead.  These are structured to complement the work you are already doing in market, product and industry analysis – another set of eyes to help sort out the increasingly complex and uncertain automotive business.

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