What’s Changing - How Fast?  The Car-Smart team would like to share with you some of the best automotive analysis on the planet – aimed at answering the question, “What’s changing and how fast?” – for consideration as part of your company’s or your clients’ analytical portfolios.... [read more]

Car-Smart Industry News Weekly. This is a weekly automotive news and analysis newsletter that contains the "must read" industry developments from around the world....       [read more]

Car-Smart Auto Show Analysis.  Our analysis covers the major world motor shows – Detroit, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo. We cover Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing if there is sufficient interest from clients... [read more]

Car-Smart Top 40 Analysis.  Arguably one of the most popular tools in the car and truck business – defines those features and technology applications that will be most popular with automakers...              [read more]

Car-Smart Strategic Analysis.  The logical follow-on to our Top 40 Analysis is Strategic Intelligence on a particular feature or technology application.... [read more]

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